The responsible procurement charter

AXA wishes to continually improve its CR policy and encourages its partners to act in the same way. For this purpose, and as part of our supplier incentive program, the most mature entities - in terms of CR have recently undertaken to create their local Responsible Procurement Charter. The AXA Responsible Procurement Charter aims at furthering the AXA Compliance & Ethics Code by detailing the commitments AXA takes regarding suppliers and the expectations it has towards them. This includes Environment, Labor Practices & Human Rights, Business ethics, Performance & Assessment and Governance.

Furthermore, entities can commit to existing charters. AXA France, for example, signed the national "Charte de la médiation inter-entreprises".

Supplier assessment during bid tenders

Several AXA entities have handled to systematically take the supplier's CR score into consideration during their major RFPs processes.

Responsible Procurement within AXA entities

Ulrich-André Renauldon
Head of General Services Procurement and "CR champion" at AXA France

When we select ageneral services supplier at AXA France, we give due consideration to the responsible nature of both the goods and services offered and the supplier's practices. For this purpose, we systematically ask the suppliers to provide their EcoVadis score during the major RFPs (if already done), and we ask them to answer a dedicated CSR questionnaire designed for provided services (such as security,cleaning, catering services).

Thus, we recently challenged car manufacturers during our car fleet RFP. Aside from respecting the collaborators comfort and work facilities expectations, the bidders are encouraged to include innovative characteristics regarding security, energy savings, gas emissions reductions...

Jean-Baptiste Bois
Regional Procurement Manager and "CR champion" at AXA Asia

The Asia context (environmental, social and ethic risks) reinforced the need to include Corporate Responsibility within Procurement activity.

Having globally reinforced the Procurement CR vision through our Procurement Maturity Model, we chose to take some specific actions in Asia. We initiated:

  • The signing of the AXA's Code of Ethics by the entire Asia Procurement community,
  • Inclusion of CR into our regional policies (Supplier Relationship Management and Procurement), and
  • The integration of the CR clause in all supplier contracts.

A demonstration of Asia and Procurement's commitment to action CR is that local Asia AXA entities will have 40 of their major suppliers assessed on CR by a specialized independent firm.

With this process and complementary Procurement processes we enable;

  • Our better understanding of the CR risks associated to our major suppliers,
  • Incorporation of CR stakes in managing demand and supplier selection.

As for the next steps, we will follow up the independent assessment, will coordinate on-site audits for specific vendors, and will establish a Responsible Procurement Charter.