Henri de Castries
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of AXA (2000-2016)

We wanted to support science because we thought research is about taking a risk: there is the risk of not finding anything, the risk of following a dead-end road, but also and most importantly, the risk of making discoveries.

On June 20, 2013 in the presence of Henri de Castries, Chairman and CEO of AXA, the AXA Research Fund will celebrate 6 years of International Science Philanthropy.
This event marks the end of the first mandate of the AXA Research Fund. An occasion for Henri de Castries to acknowledge the achievements of the AXA Research Fund since its creation and to announce its future.

The conference will also host roundtables on the issue of risks with experts from AXA and professors helped by the AXA Research Fund.

Watch the videos of the event and consult the related documents below.

A two-way perspective on tomorrow's major risks

This session between experts from AXA and researchers helped by the Fund, aims to explain the way the Research can improve our daily life.

Increase in life expectancy: an opportunity to seize?


  • Dr. France Meslé, Senior Researcher at the Institut national d'études démographiques (INED), France
  • Lucie Taleyson, Technical and Marketing Director, AXA Group Life Solutions

The life expectancy increasing generates a number of questions: why is there such a significant gap in longevity between men and women? Why are there differences among countries? What are the factors behind the rise in life expectancy to very old ages?

Economic crises: cyclic inevitabilities?


  • Prof. David Webb, Professor & Head of the Department of Finance, London School of Economics, United Kingdom
  • Eric Chaney, Chief Economist, AXA Group & Head of Research, AXA Investment Managers

Facing the current economic crisis, what are the lessons of the analysis of the socio-economic risks?

Climate change: ever faster, ever stronger?


  • Prof. Uwe Ulbrich, Professor at the Institut für Meteorologie, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
  • David Cadoux, Group Risk Management, AXA

It's indisputable: climate change is underway. To address these issues and be better prepared for the unknown, there is a need to enhance knowledge about climate risks through scientific research. Any lingering uncertainty about climate change should not imply inaction, In this regard, insurers can play a major role.

Researchers, enlighteners of the public debate


  • Prof. François Taddei, Director of the Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity in Paris, France
  • Godefroy Beauvallet, Head of the AXA Research Fund

In addition to supporting scientific discoveries, the AXA Research Fund encourages researchers to disseminate and share their knowledge, and make it accessible - indeed, understandable - in order to nurture public debate. What lessons have been learned from the first stage of this unique initiative? What are the new challenges for research? How is the innovation process changing to facilitate synergies and inform public debate? Is a multi-disciplinary approach necessary in this context?