A Transition to Pulse Surveys and eNPS

In 2017, AXA decided to fundamentally change its method of collecting employee feedback to more closely align with its global strategy. With the introduction of a new global strategy (Ambition 2020), a new global operating model, and external research indicating that employees like to share their feedback in real time instead of once per year, it was a good time to reevaluate the way in which AXA collected employee feedback and measured engagement.

As a result of our reevaluation, AXA decided to move away from a traditional once per year employee survey and introduce a more innovative and agile Pulsing survey approach. Pulse surveys are short and focused surveys measuring a few components at a time, helping quickly identify areas of improvement.

With this new method, AXA committed to listening to employee feedback much more frequently than it had in the past. To fulfill its commitment, AXA will now conduct two planned surveys per year on prepared topics in line with our cultural and organizational strategy. The two planned surveys per year go to all AXA employees globally (100,000+) in 22 languages.

AXA also conducts ‘ad hoc’ pulse surveys, among the same employees, on topics that are relevant at specific moments in time for the organization, such as relocation to a new building, town hall given by the CEO or management team, implementation of new agile working policy, etc. Pulse surveys have allowed AXA to implement a ‘fast feedback’ culture since they allow for employees to share feedback on a regular basis throughout the year and not wait for a once per year survey.

Employee Engagement (eNPS)

AXA, globally, now measures employee engagement using Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS). Employee Net promoter score is measured by asking employees one question, “How likely are you to recommend AXA as a place to work”. The answer scale is from 0 to 10, and the result is calculated by taking the percent of promoters (answers of 9 – 10) and subtracting the percent of detractors (answer of 0 – 5). This then produces a metric on a scale from (-100) to (+100).

We know through the work we do with our partners, and through market research, that scores below   (-10) should be immediately addressed by organizations. Engagement scores from (-10) to (+10) should challenge organizations to continue finding ways of engaging their employees and scores above (+10) are considered very good and encourage organizations to sustain their current efforts on employee engagement. AXA’s current global score of (-5) indicates AXA’s continued effort to understand what is important to all of its employees. The next global measure of engagement will occur in June 2018.

Advantages to The New Pulse Survey and eNPS Approach

  • eNPS provides a demanding framework that enables AXA to continuously improve its workplace for everyone
  • Pulse surveys allow for AXA to listen to employee feedback and measure engagement more frequently than in the past
  • Pulse surveys provide ongoing real-time insights at a highly granular level
  • Pulse Surveys measure a much wider range of topics than traditional annual surveys
  • Pulse surveys allow for AXA to respond more quickly to the feedback of employees