• Senior Vice President of GE and President & Chief Executive Officer of GE China and GE Global Markets
  • Born on July 25, 1970
  • Chinese nationality

Directorship and number of AXA shares

  • Elected on April 25, 2018 – Term expires at the 2022 Shareholders’ Meeting
  • First appointment on April 25, 2018
  • Member of AXA Compensation & Governance Committee
  • Number of AXA shares held on December 31, 2018: none

On December 31, 2018

Expertise and experience

Mrs. Rachel Duan holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and International Business from Shanghai International Studies University and a MBA from the University of Wisconsin (Madison – United States). Mrs. Rachel Duan joined General Electric (GE) in 1996 as Corporate Audit Staff. During her four years on Corporate Audit Staff, she progressed to Senior Audit Manager and led audits in multiple GE industrial and capital businesses worldwide. In 2000, Mrs. Rachel Duan was appointed as Six Sigma Quality Leader for GE Plastics Asia Pacific based in Tokyo. In late 2001, she moved to China and became the Lexan Commercial Director for GE Plastics China. From 2003 to 2005, Mrs. Rachel Duan served as Marketing Director first for China, and then for Asia Pacific. In 2005, she was promoted to General Manager for Polymer business in the Asia Pacific region. In 2006, Mrs. Rachel Duan became the President & Chief Executive Officer of GE Advance Materials China. She served as President & Chief Executive Officer for Asia Pacific of Momentive Performance Materials (previously known as GE Advance Materials which was formed upon GE divesture at the end of 2006). In 2010, Mrs. Rachel Duan rejoined GE and was named as President & Chief Executive Officer of GE Healthcare China, the role she still assumes today. In July 2014, Mrs. Rachel Duan was appointed President & Chief Executive Officer of GE China, becoming the first native-Chinese ever to take this role in GE’s largest single country market outside US. Since January 24, 2019, Mrs. Rachel Duan has been President & Chief Executive Officer of GE Global Markets. She is also a Senior Vice President of General Electric Company (GE).

Directorship held within the AXA Group

  • Director: AXA

Directorships held outside the AXA Group

  • President & Chief Executive Officer: GE China, GE Global Markets, GE Healthcare China

Directorship held during the last five years