Timeline AXA


A vision, a name, a logo

The Mutuelles Unies/Drouot Group decides to adopt an international name to unite is various brands and establish its image in the world.

AXA is born: the choice is a simple, unifying name that is universal, pronounceable by all, readable without a logo, easily remembered and well positioned in all the world's directories!

The AXA brand

In 1982, Mutuelles Unies acquired Drouot. Three years later, the media was talking about the "Bébéar" group. It was time to find an institutional name for the new ensemble.

The results obtained through name searches were not compelling, so a firm specializing in corporate names was asked to do a special computer search. But to do this kind of search, some name selection criteria were needed. A committee was formed in-house and it eventually decided that the name for the Group had to be short; symbolic of its energy; beginning with an A if possible, so that it would be at the top of any directory or other listing; and pronounced in the same way in every language, since this Group had international ambitions.

Once these criteria were fed into the computer, a short list of names was submitted to executive management, which in turn narrowed the list down to three: Argos, AXA and Elan. After polling various employees, Elan emerged on top. Unfortunately, Canadian colleagues were vehemently opposed to this name because, in Canada, where this animal resides (the term means elk or moose in French), it has a reputation for being a nice creature, but among the least intelligent on the planet. The marketing challenge in North America would be insurmountable!

In July of 1985, Claude Bébéar made the final decision: AXA became the corporate name of the Mutuelles Unies/Drouot group.

Our signature: redefining / standards

For 30 years, the AXA Group has pursued development while respecting the values that have always pushed it to be ever more demanding in terms of the way it does business. Faithful to our ambition of becoming the preferred company, we are committed to creating value by earning the trust of our clients day after day. In a long-term business that is founded on client trust, our goal is to earn this trust every day by keeping the promises we make to clients, other stakeholders and society in general.

Becoming the preferred company

The path to becoming the preferred company
Is a challenge and an invitation...
A challenge to our employees
To earn our customers' trust
To prove that we deliver on our promises
To say what we do and do what we say
To make simple what is complicated
To change people's perceptions by first changing our own.
An invitation to our customers
To discover a service that is reliable
To benefit from support that is available
To experience a relationship that is attentive
To realize that our solutions will answer their needs.
Redefining standards is not a slogan.
It is what motivates our actions.
It is the change we are driving.
The path to becoming the preferred company.