Treating customers fairly and professionally

For an insurer, respect for the client includes the quality of transparent and accurate information provided, as well as a duty to provide sound advice and guarantee confidentiality at all times, fair treatment for all, and honest advertising messages.

AXA's local entities adhere to the professional code of conduct in force in the country where they operate.

In order to harmonize the ethical practices governing AXA's client relationships around the world, a professional code of ethics has been drawn up at Group level. In addition to the national and international regulations that AXA subsidiaries are subject to, AXA's Compliance and Ethics Code is based on the following fundamental principles for their customer relations: quality advice, transparency, non-disclosure of confidential client information, fair competition, and fighting fraud and money laundering.

AXA entities also provide their customers with the means to express and resolve any disputes that may arise with the company, notably through dedicated complaints departments.

Listening to our clients

AXA entities across the globe have implemented customer experience monitoring tools to capture valuable feedback from our clients. These insights are leveraged to ensure continuous improvements in the experience we deliver to customers.

Notably, customers can now rate products and services based on criteria such as the adviser’s ability to listen, processing time and transparency of information, and share their opinion online. “Transparent instant customer feedback” is due to be rolled out in all AXA entities by the end of 2017.

This tool allows AXA to monitor customer satisfaction in real time at each entity in the Group.

  • Real-time consolidated results, covering interactions during the claims process in 13 countries
  • 44 countries will be live by the end of 2017, with coverage extended to include the purchase and renewal processes.

Additionally, AXA measures customer sentiment using Net Promoter Score® (NPS). Results are benchmarked against those of local competitors to optimize our efforts to remain the preferred company of our 107 million clients worldwide. In 2017, 66% of entities and lines of business at or above the market.

We have now set a clear objective : by 2020, 100% of AXA’s entities participating in the NPS benchmark program will be at or above market average. This indicator has also been integrated in the Group's executive remuneration package.

Finally, since 2014, AXA has used an in-house indicator known as Customer Experience Tracking (CXT) to monitor customer satisfaction amongst both retail and commercial customers in all lines of business. This Group-wide program is used to measure the satisfaction rate of AXA's customers following an experience with the company, whether it be a claim or other key moment of interaction with AXA such as a purchase, renewal or amendment.

The data collected over the years reflects the success of efforts to continuously improve the customer experience, with notable process in net satisfaction being made each year since the tool was implemented in 2014.