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Over the past few months, we’ve put in place new projects and partnerships that will strengthen our work on climate change and risk mitigation. ALL NEWS  |  Climate
Nov 14, 2016

“Understanding, Reducing and Managing African Climate Risk”: a new AXA chair in Africa

AXA Research Fund has agreed to fund a new chair in African Climate Risk within the African Climate and Development Initiative at the University of Cape Town. It aims to make a significant change in the research field of African climate risk.

This is a successional chair: the succession of three to four Research Chairs over the next 15 years aims to produce scientifically innovative and cutting-edge research related to the intersection of climate change risks with African development issues.

Each successional Chair will be expected to propose and undertake research in their own domain of expertise, building upon the achievements of their predecessor. Professor Mark New will be the first to hold the position. His purpose is to understand and quantify how human activity is changing the risk related to extreme events and how this in turn affects water and food security.

Partnering with UN Habitat

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AXA agreed a new, two-year partnership with UN Habitat, focusing on disaster risk reduction. The partnership aims to strengthen building codes and their implementation in countries vulnerable to natural disasters, to improve minimum standards and to encourage countries to ‘build back better’, and to reduce fatalities and limit economic losses as a result of disasters. The partnership also supports AXA’s work on resilience and on the overall objectives of the Sendai Framework.

Partnering with CARE

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AXA’s partnership with CARE is in place since 2011. Over the past five years, it has helped populations to better prepare for climate-related risks. Climate Change Adaptation projects, based on the international research program "Where the Rain Falls" were implemented in India and Thailand; Disaster Risk Reduction projects already lead in Benin, Indonesia and Vietnam, but also south and central America.

Moreover, AXA has been supporting CARE to provide emergency responses to populations faced by large natural disasters by raising funds and making its expertise available when and where relevant.

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