Chelsie Kumar AXA's Great Global Adventurer

4 things you should know about the Great Global Adventure 2016/17

While you may already be aware that the Great Global Adventure involves two six-week internship placements, one six-week volunteering opportunity and a year of travel – here are four things you might not know about the 2016/17 instalment that will hopefully give you some insight into what you can expect to see and read over the coming months! ALL NEWS  |  Early Careers
Nov 9, 2016

1. I’ll be exploring three main themes

Early Careers

Being in the penultimate year of my Law and Media/Communications degrees, I am eager to explore how AXA supports, develops and empowers early careers. I’ll be continuing my studies at the same time as the Great Global Adventure; so will also be sharing some of my own tips on how I balance study, work and travel!

Video Call to the Syracuse Office with early careers employee Luke Greiner
AXA Manager, mother, volunteer and student - Bella Osejo-Solis is just one of the amazing women I have met along the way

Women at AXA

As a young woman, learning about and reporting on the women of AXA is a fascinating opportunity. In particular I have found the practical initiatives (mentoring, sponsorship, networking and learning conferences to name a few) are a real indication of the ways AXA goes above and beyond to foster an inclusive workforce. I really look forward to learning more about AXA’s commitment to professional development and what it could mean for the next generation of female leaders.

Digital Innovation

As I learn more about AXA I have come to realise how fundamental digital innovation is to every part of the company. What surprised me most was the transformative mind-set AXA encourages which really deviates from the traditional stereotypes that are often associated with the insurance industry. There is a clear commitment to breaking through the conventional and promoting a culture of change to benefit both customers and employees.

Interview with Chief Digital Transformation Officer, Marc Warshawsky.

2. I’ll be traveling to all seven continents (and living in three!)

One of the challenges I set myself for this year was to see and do as much as physically possible. Consequently, I decided early on that I wanted to visit all seven continents during my time as the Great Global Adventurer. I kick-started my journey in North America and have been completing my first experience at AXA in New York City. Toward the end of November I’ll be heading to Africa, where I’ll be documenting the landscapes, cultural experiences and native wildlife on social media. During the following three months I’ll be travelling around South America and Antarctica. While traveling I will also be visiting offices in the cities where AXA has a presence to discover more about life at AXA around the world. I’ll be sharing my journey through photos and videos on the @greatglobaladventurer Instagram feed and Discover AXA Facebook page as well as documenting more of what I experience in a regular blog on

One of the spectacular caves I visited during my time in Canada at the beginning of the Great Global Adventure
I cannot wait to be back in Paris!

In April 2017 I will begin my second internship at AXA HQ in Paris. Last but not least, I’ll be completing a six-week volunteering opportunity in Asia before making my way back to Australia for my final semester of university. Phew!
I am hoping that this jam-packed itinerary will enable me to share an extremely diverse range of experiences, encourage you to consider visiting places you might not have thought about previously and celebrate the global AXA community.

3. I want to encourage you to consider new opportunities

During high school and university I worked as much as possible to save up enough money to travel. In 2015, I took part in a study exchange in London where I used my savings to backpack around 38 countries and 5 continents. During this time I kick-started a travel website and Instagram feed aimed at empowering solo female travellers. This developed into a business that currently has over 47,000 followers on Instagram and involves a huge amount of planning and creativity. While I am proud of this accomplishment, what really matters to me now is how I can use what I have learnt to empower others to become engaged global citizens and take on new opportunities. I hope to use my experiences to give you an inside perspective on what it’s like to work, travel or volunteer around the world and offer advice and inspiration for you to do the same.

A shot from my time in Canada at the beginning of the Great Global Adventure.

4. I want you to be part of this journey!

What are your thoughts, where do you think I should go and what would you like to know about AXA? Let’s get connected! You can comment on Instagram, tweet @DiscoverAXA or get engaged on the Discover AXA Facebook. Overall, I really want you to know that the Great Global Adventure is first and foremost about sharing and engaging with you! So I encourage you to get involved, as I would love to hear your AXA stories, travel tips or opinions about what I have written :)
So there you have it – four things you should know about the Great Global Adventure. I hope this provides some clarity and gets you excited about what you can discover over the coming months! Make sure to check out My First Month as the Great Global Adventurer to read about what I have been up to on my journey so far.
Until next time,