Let’s Create the Future

Five Years after the Great East Japan Earthquake, we don’t forget 3.11 and will convey the experiences to the future. ALL NEWS  |  Commitment
Mar 11, 2016

It’s been already 5 years since it happened on March 11th in 2011. Since that day, AXA Life Japan employees have stayed close to the local people while continuing to provide support.

Jacques de Peretti
Chief Executive Officer of AXA Life Japan

I strongly believe that we should not let go of our memories of the earthquake since we have long way to recovery. As a life insurer whose mission is to protect people, we have to relentlessly asking ourselves what we can do.

Five years has passed since the earthquake, but AXA Life Japan will keep on providing support to the afflicted regions without forgetting the memories of the disaster and continue to focus on creating the future of local communities by utilizing the lessons and experiences of the earthquake.

Let’s Create the Future

Since 2011, AXA Life Japan has been carrying out initiatives to support the reconstruction from the earthquake based on the theme of “Let’s Create the Future”. AXA Life Japan has donated 135 million yen so far through its ongoing campaign “2 Euros for 1 Contract Donation Campaign to Support Reconstruction”. This campaign is currently supporting

  • the “AXA-UNESCO Association Disaster Risk Mitigation Education Program”
    This program was co-developed to respond to the opinion in the devastated regions that “knowledge regarding disaster risk mitigation will save precious lives”. AXA Life Japan is supporting activities to convey the lessons learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake to the children of the next generation.
    This program subsidizes disaster mitigation education programs at elementary, junior high and senior high schools throughout the nation that are hoping to prepare for natural disasters. It provides not only financial support but also on-site training in the devastated regions for teachers with opportunities to incorporate their experiences regarding the devastated regions and disaster risk mitigation know-how into their classes.
    Disaster mitigation education has been provided to some 7,829 children in 41 schools nationwide since 2014 with the support of local residents.
  • the “UNESCO Association Scholarship for 3.11 Disaster Stricken Children and Students”
    AXA Life Japan is also supporting the education of third-year junior high school students in the devastated areas whose families are facing financial difficulties. This scholarship supports these children to enter high school.
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