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May 12, 2014

Today, 81% of the world's consumers go online to research a product before heading to a store*. Reading customer reviews on a website prior to a purchase or reservation is now common practice.

In France, one in three professionals is concerned about Internet-related risks**.
Whether they be artisans, retailers or self-employed, all professionals need to protect their image from defamation, insults and disparagement in online environments, such as forums, social media and consumer review websites.

AXA's department dedicated to the professional market and AXA Protection Juridique are conducting a two-part campaign to help professionals protect their reputation.

New website:

Launched on April 18, 2014, is open to all professionals in France, free of charge, whether or not they are AXA customers. It aims to achieve two goals:

  • Build awareness among professionals of the new digital risks, prompting them to manage, protect and build their online reputation. Interactive tools (email alerts) and advice help them monitor what is being said about them, be visible, and assess their web proficiency
  • Generate contacts for AXA branches

New types of coverage included in exclusive offers for professionals

  • E-reputation coverage in the event of defamation, insults or disparagement
  • Identity theft and computer hacking coverage
* Source Digitas Reload-Vivaki
** Source IPSOS - AXA Protection Juridique barometer June 2013

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