With Kaggle, AXA Attracts the Best Data Scientists

AXA Data Innovation Lab's first data science competition on Kaggle attracted 1,528 teams of data scientists and became the eighth most active competition ever, of the 165 on the platform. ALL NEWS  |  Digital
Mar 24, 2015

To address the new challenges it faces for better serving customers, AXA firmly believes that it is necessary to recruit and train data scientists both externally and internally.

The challenge being tackled by these experts? How to use telematics data to identify a driver signature.

After three months of competition, the three best-performing teams of data scientists will share a USD30,000 prize. Although they were not eligible for the award, the competition was also open to AXA employees and attracted 28 AXA teams, with two making the top ten.

About Kaggle

Kaggle is the world's largest community of data scientists, gathering 200,000 experts from more than 100 countries and 200 universities.
For AXA's Data Innovation Lab, working with Kaggle is a unique opportunity to position itself as a leader in big data science and to attract the best data scientists in the world.