AXA Committed to Protect Beyond Insurance

AXA Life Japan launched their first local "Born to Protect" campaign on July 12th, and joined the increasing number of countries thus showing that at AXA, protection is a calling and goes beyond the sale of an insurance policy. ALL NEWS  |  Brand
Jul 22, 2014

This TV Commercial tells the true story of a mother seeking help from the "AXA Medical Assistance Service'" after a domestic accident involving her child. An AXA representative provides support through first aid treatment.
Since it was launched in 2011, more than 50,000 customers have benefited from this medical consultancy phone service. Qualified personnel, such as nurses, provides dedicated health care advice and assistance, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
This example embodies our calling: protection means more to us than insurance policies alone; it means supporting our customers through difficult times, and staying at their side whenever they need us.

Watch the ad (subtitled in English):

To reinforce our commitment towards protection in Japan, an AXA People Protectors Facebook fan page in Japanese was launched on June 12th. AXA People Protectors, with over one million fans, aims to gather People Protectors from all over the world to share protection and prevention initiatives and tips, in a variety of fields such as environment, charity, road safety, financial education or health. The Japanese page is already very popular, with nearly 7,000 highly engaged fans, proving again that ordinary people working together can achieve extraordinary things to better protect the society and the world we live in.