AXA is helping to “bridge divides” at the OECD Forum

In today’s world, characterized by populism and nationalism, it is time to overcome our differences and build more open, inclusive and dynamic economies and societies. This is the aim of the fifth OECD Forum held in Paris this year, on “Bridging Divides”. AXA is taking part in the event to show how digitalisation, artificial intelligence and socially responsible investment can help achieve this goal. ALL NEWS  |  Commitment
Jun 6, 2017

Every year for five years, the OECD Forum has gathered representatives from government, the private sector, non-profits, trade unions as well as academics and media professionals to discuss the significant challenges facing our economies and societies now or in the future.

The central topic for the 2017 reflects the particularly troubling year that was 2016, marked by a persistent threat of terrorism, rising populism and nationalism in many countries, and the lingering impacts of economic crisis still being felt by individuals and businesses. It is now time to bridge our divides and face these threats with increased openness, cooperation and commitment.

Over two days, the forum participants will discuss a wide variety of issues revolving around three main points that can help us bridge the divides we are experiencing: inclusive growth, and digitalization, and trust.

AXA will be represented by Cécile Wendling, head of R&D foresight at AXA Group. She will talk about the economic, social, legal and ethical implications of the rapid growth of artificial intelligence, in particular in banking and insurance.

Matt Christensen, head of responsible investment at AXA Investment Managers, AXA’s entity specialized in asset management, will also share his knowledge about socially responsible and sustainable investing, to demonstrate how technological changes and the awareness of long-term trends have transformed the way people invest.

Follow the forum in real-time on June 6-7 on Twitter with the #OECDForum hashtag and the live feed @OECDlive.

See the full programme on the OECD website.

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