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Oct 20, 2016

Breast cancer is a major public health concern. One in eight women will develop a breast cancer during her lifetime, and each year more than 10,000 women die from this disease. Despite this risk, cancers are still not being detected early enough. Only 15% are discovered at a very early stage, when the chance of recovery is high – almost 98%. Better promotion of prevention and screening are therefore crucial.

Each year, the AXA Group takes part in the Pink October awareness campaign to inform the public about breast cancer issues and ultimately save more lives.

AXA in the Gulf reaches out to women to fight breast cancer

In the Gulf region, AXA launched its annual breast cancer awareness campaign, which aims to educate women of all ages on the breast cancer risks and the importance of early screening. Titled “Taking Actions to Fight Breast Cancer”, this initiative is a part of Health on Track, a health education and support program developed by AXA last year.

The campaign encompasses various outreach activities to help detect and fight breast cancer, in addition to free breast mammograms checkups offered to all AXA female customers through a network of healthcare providers in the region.

Umaima Tinwla attended the press event and shared her personal fight against breast cancer.
Dr. Sherif Mahmoud, Regional Head of Healthcare operations, stressing AXA’s commitment to fighting cancer due to its economic and psychological burden on the society.

United States partners with Bright Pink to support women

Bright Pink is a non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer. It runs awareness programs to encourage women to assess their cancer risk, reduce this risk and detect the disease as early as possible.
AXA and Bright Pink have teamed up to co-host seminars in the upcoming months, where Bright Pink Ambassadors will teach prevention and early detection techniques for breast and ovarian cancer.

Dare to wear pink for a good cause!

In October, strike the pose! For each picture taken wearing pink clothing or a pink accessory, one euro will be donated by AXA Hearts in Action in France to the Ligue contre le cancer, a French cancer-fighting organization.

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