AXA Marks World Habitat Day

Every year, on the first Monday of October, Habitat Day is a time to reflect on the state of the world’s cities and everyone’s fundamental right to adequate housing. ALL NEWS  |  Commitment
Oct 2, 2017

On World Habitat Day, AXA is reiterating its commitment to work on climate change and help reduce the impact of natural disasters. Climate change has direct and indirect effects on the world’s population and economies: since 2005, economic losses due to natural disasters have exceeded $1.6 trillion, and nearly 1.7 billion people have been affected, injured or displaced*. And these damages will continue to rise. It’s estimated that, between now and 2030**, global average annual losses from disasters in the built environment will increase by 32%. As a global insurance leader, AXA has a significant role to play.

Sustainable housing for more resilient cities

Today, we’re also celebrating the partnership between AXA and UN Habitat, focused on disaster risk reduction. AXA and UN Habitat are working together to support cities facing the challenges of natural disasters. The partnership aims at developing guidelines to help cities strengthen building codes and ensure compliance, to reduce fatalities and limit economic losses as a result of disasters. A first version of the guidelines will be presented at the World Urban Forum, organized by UN Habitat, in February in Kuala Lumpur.

Together, AXA and UN Habitat are promoting safer (re)construction to help cities and communities build back better after disasters.

*EM-DAT International Disaster Database, UNISDR


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