How AXA in Morocco helped two students cross a desert

Every year, thousands of students race Renault 4 cars more than 6,000 kilometres across France, Spain and the Moroccan desert for the 4L Trophy. But this race isn’t just about being the first to cross the finish line. The 4L Trophy adventure is a humanitarian mission supporting the work of the Enfants du Désert (Children of the Desert) association and each of the cars help to transport essential materials (classroom-based, sporting and paramedical supplies) to school children in Marrakesh. ALL NEWS  |  Early Careers
Jun 15, 2015

Aurélie Moy, a young student at the École Polytechnique in Paris, is one of those that has competed in the race. With dreams of travelling and giving back to society, she convinced her sister Floriane, a student at ENSAE (Paris School of Economics, Statistics and Finance), to take part in the 4L Trophy.

The first few hurdles

Every team must find sponsors willing to support them financially in this venture. For the girls, this was AXA Morocco. Concerned with the difficulties of accessing education in its country, AXA agreed to be the girls’ main sponsor alongside a number of others, enabling the sisters to reach their target budget and find the perfect Renault 4 for their trip. Unfortunately in December 2014, Aurélie discovered she couldn’t take part and so Floriane asked Andry, a childhood friend, to join the adventure instead.

A trip to remember

On 18 February, with the AXA logo on their 4L bonnet, Floriane and Andry set off on their road trip. The journey covered three legs, first travelling from Paris to Biarritz, then on to Algeciras in Spain and finally, reaching Merzouga in Morocco. Here they delivered the equipment they had brought for the Enfants du Désert. It was a really special day, where they were able to meet and talk to both members of the association and the children they were helping.

The final step

On 26 February the marathon section of the 4L began. All the crews participating needed to reach Marrakesh within two days. Floriane and Andry crossed the final line in only one. Afterwards, they spent a few days exploring the beauty of the city and it was then, with a lot of emotion, that Floriane and Andry hit the road for home.
The 4L Trophy 2015 raised 18,132 euros, to go towards the construction of two new classrooms. In addition, a huge amount of paramedical equipment was delivered including 31 wheelchairs, 22 pairs of crutches, seven walking frames and 70 hearing aids.
Thanks to AXA Morocco’s support, Floriane and Andry were able to embark on this amazing journey and aid the Enfants du Désert Association, but a huge well done to all three – Aurélie, Floriane and Andry – for their enthusiasm, determination and generosity of spirit, in taking part in this great adventure.