AXA paves the way for its customers

On October 1, the Paris Motor Show opened its doors. This unmissable event for car enthusiasts around the world is also a reminder of the auto market’s challenges for AXA and the need for the insurer to stay on top of the industry’s transformations and innovations to continue to protect its customers. ALL NEWS  |  Brand
Oct 7, 2016

Prevention: a major concern

Promoting road safety continues to be a core objective for AXA. AXA Prévention and AXA People Protectors share advice and best practices to disseminate information globally, raise awareness among drivers and pedestrians, and encourage all to practice essential road safety habits.

Emphasis is also placed on research: AXA works with a community of experts at the leading edge of road safety research in the world. Since 2013, the AXA – Ponle Freno Research Center in Spain has been focusing on identifying the causes and consequences of road accidents and studying driver behaviors.

AXA also monitors environmental issues, with 13 new projects on environmental risks and pollution supported by the AXA Research Fund.

Staying in touch with new habits

Since May 2015, AXA has joined forces with BlaBlaCar to offer additional AXA coverage to European users of the ride-sharing platform. This partnership aligns with AXA’s efforts to build innovative and sustainable partnerships.

AXA has also entered into a partnership with the peer-to-peer car rental startup Ouicar to insure and assist all of its customers. Meanwhile, AXA France launched “Ma Mobilité Auto” (My Auto Mobility), the first insurance policy for car rental, carpooling and ridesharing. In Hong Kong, AXA even introduced tailored insurance coverage for Tesla electric cars.

The applications YouDrive and AXA Drive make full use of the opportunities brought by new technologies and connected objects to offer customers and users a service that best suits their needs.

Anticipating future transformations

AXA is ever attentive to the techological transformations in the auto industry that are shaping tomorrow’s society. Driverless cars and smart cities are just a sampling of the issues for which many questions remain unanswered and which AXA is core concerns. Join the discussion!

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