AXA publishes its 1st Integrated Report: a commitment for the long term

This year, AXA’s “Activity & Corporate Responsibility Report” has become an “Integrated Report”. AXA believes that integrated reporting principles help provide a more complete story about how we generate value today while driving sustainable growth over the long-term. With one final objective: to empower people to live a better life. ALL NEWS  |  Finance & Strategy
Apr 26, 2017

Integrated Reporting is the natural consequence and logical outcome of “integrated thinking” within a corporation. Thinking in an “integrated” way means understanding, with input from stakeholders, the broader context within which a company operates, and how, over the long-term, value creation will be derived not only from financial performance but from environmental and social performance as well. As an insurer, such an approach is inherent to our business – we have commitments to customers that can span up to 30 years, so we cannot afford to focus only on the short term.

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This is why AXA engaged in a new strategy, Ambition 2020, focused on becoming a partner for our customers and society. This strategy is driven by a mission: to empower people to live better lives. By fully integrating societal expectations, we are convinced our strategy will be more robust and will create more value over the long run.

Alice Steenland
Group Innovation

AXA has progressively been integrating environmental and social issues into the way we manage our core business, and thanks to these efforts, the company is now widely recognized as a global leader in sustainability. As AXA begins a new era with the launch of Ambition 2020, it was the right time to underscore our integrated thinking by issuing the company’s first “Integrated Report”, highlighting even more our conviction that insurance is at the heart of creating a stronger and safer society.

With this report, we are hoping to provide our readers with a more holistic view of how AXA creates sustainable value and how sustainability issues integrate into the way AXA imagines the future and designs a strategy fit for purpose.

Read AXA's first Integrated Report