The AXA Research Fund explores resilience of cities with National Geographic

In AXA Research Fund and National Geographic’s news series, AXA researchers explore the challenges that cities will face in the future, and the ways of making them more resilient to extreme events. Discover the first episode. ALL NEWS  |  Risk & Research
Aug 7, 2017

In this episode, Dr. Cassidy Johnson, from the University College London, and Simon Clow, Social Responsibility expert at AXA, discuss the ways data can help better understanding risks cities face, and ultimately provide governments, society, public and private organizations the means to take actions to mitigate these risks.

Awareness is key

Dr. Johnson's research looks at 'Metrics and measurement for urban resilience', helping to understand who is in an area and what their vulnerabilities are. It allows governments and urban planners to build the infrastructure needed to support them.

Awareness is key to making the right decisions and urge populations, governments and private organizations to change the way they act on a daily basis. Over population in cities is not an inevitable outcome. Understanding risk and planning for growth will help plan city development, its infrastructure and help build resilient cities.

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