AXA signs the French Business Climate Pledge

39 major French companies take concrete action to combat climate change ALL NEWS  |  Climate
Nov 27, 2015

In the lead-up to the Paris climate summit (COP 21), 39 major French companies, employing a total of 4.4 million people worldwide and generating sales of 1,200 billion euros, have made a firm commitment to combat climate change.

By signing this climate pledge, they want to contribute to making COP 21 a success and to limiting the warming of the Earth to 2°C. They emphasize their driving role and leadership in the fight for a more sustainable world.

From 2016 to 2020, the 39 companies plan to invest at least 45 billion euros in industrial projects and R&D devoted to renewable energy, energy efficiency and other low carbon technologies. Over the same period, they also intend to provide bank and bond financing of at least 80 billion euros for projects contributing to the fight against climate change.

AXA's position regarding Climate Change

AXA's strategy regarding climate change is to leverage its risk management expertise to better understand and prevent risks and to mobilize its investment capacity to finance and encourage the energy transition.

Insurers are well equipped to address climate-related risks. They can fund and promote risk research and education. They possess loss data, as well as models and tools to analyze and project this data. They have a duty to unveil and disseminate knowledge about such new risks, including poorly known threats to society. Through their significant investments, they are also well positioned to send the right signals to the investment community and to specific invested companies. This strategy addresses both the "mitigation" and the "adaptation" dimensions of climate change.