AXA Sure: From Fiction to (Virtual) Reality

It all started back in 2014 with this idea: to use virtual reality to bring more transparency and simplicity to AXA’s customers. From the internal innovation program Start-in to the InsurTech 16 Conference in Zurich, follow the success story of AXA Sure. ALL NEWS  |  Innovation
Nov 3, 2016

In 2014, Lorenz Hänggi submitted an idea to Start-in, AXA’s innovation program. Originally called AXA Glass, it aimed to use Google Glass to keep track of AXA customers’ valuables and get information on their coverage. The idea was one of the Start-in award winners in 2014, ready to be developed!

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Now Google Glass is no longer, but, more than ever, transparency and simplicity are key needs for AXA’s customers. So after extensive customer research, a few prototypes, and numerous workshops, the name was changed to AXA Sure and a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) was developed in collaboration with AXA Group Solutions* teams in Barcelona.

The MVP was released in July, with the full application made available to all AXA Switzerland customers in September. The simple and secure app enables users to register their valuables and instantly get clear information about their coverage.

After incorporating customer feedback and adding some new features, AXA Sure is now ready for prime time and will bring a whole new experience to AXA customers. With this new version of AXA Sure, users can:

  • Capture & store all their valuables in a secure place
  • Check the coverage for their possessions instantly if they have an AXA household policy
  • Create a claim in just a few clicks, with pre-filled information about their damaged items

Lorenz went on stage during the InsurTech 16 conference in Zurich to demo the brand-new AXA Sure, now available on AXA Winterthur website, on Google Play Store and on the App Store!

November 2016 is the next milestone for this project, but there are many more to come:

  • Grow the AXA Sure user base and learn more about user needs to improve their experience
  • Scale AXA Sure and deliver it to other entities
  • Add other type of policies to our business rules engine
*AXA Group Solutions is committed to helping AXA entities reach their ambitions by proactively providing solutions leveraging AXA IT global assets

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