The AXA Women's Conference or How AXA accelerates towards gender balance

Key milestone in the group's Diversity & Inclusion strategy, the second edition of this initiative gathers 120 senior executives on the theme "Insurance for Women". ALL NEWS  |  Diversity
Sep 18, 2014

Denis Duverne, AXA Group Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Christiane Bisanzio, Group Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer welcome today 120 guests, men and women, from 17 countries to work on the theme 'Insurance for Women'.

This annual conference is an integral part of our work to create an inclusive workplace that fosters the professional development of women, both by encouraging networking among senior executive men and women; and by identifying collectively how we can improve gender diversity at all levels of the organization.

Christiane Bisanzio
Group Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

This conference is a key milestone in the D&I calendar. Acceleration towards gender balance remains the top priority for AXA Group and we believe that any progress we make in becoming a more inclusive company helps everyone in the group.