New Learning Experiences to Boost AXA in the Digital Age

Digital is impacting all of AXA's professional families. ALL NEWS  |  Digital
May 27, 2015

The group is working to developing the right tools and opportunities to help all employees and distributors make this shift. The Group's Learning & Development teams are exploring the latest innovations in terms of learning experiences, such as COOCs, Serious Games, e-learning, and apps providing mobility, interaction, gaming and much more.

In this context, AXA created two years ago its own Digital Academy, a global center of shared resources to define, design, and roll out a shared, consistent learning approach to support digital transformation across entities. The Digital Academy also contributes to building a wide range of programs, addressing the needs of every AXA employee.

Its objective is to help employees progress and turn them into a real driving force in the digital transformation. It is the place for developing top-level digital capabilities through learning experiences. All layers of the organization - whether in terms of seniority or professional families - are targeted by one or more learning programs.

"Do you speak Digital?" is AXA's first gamified COOC (Corporate Online Open Course) - and an excellent example of the Digital Academy's potential.

Designed and developed by the Digital Academy, in close collaboration with AXA France & AXA Winterthur, "Do you speak Digital?" aims, through a "social-media friendly" platform to help AXA employees to:

  • Gain a deeper knowledge of the digital world by learning and sharpening their curiosity about the major digital trends, in order to better understand the impacts of the digital revolution.
  • Learn how to adopt digital tools and make optimal use of them, while also knowing how to handle them safely and protect their e-reputation.

The first results are more than promising, showing AXA employees' will to learn:

  • 2,395 learners and 11,312 connection
  • 28,786 quizzes or videos launched, i.e. 12 activities per player
  • 1,526 hours of content, i.e. almost forty minutes per player