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Catch-up Session Episode #1: Climate Change

Climate change: it's no longer about whether, it's about when. ALL NEWS  |  Climate
Aug 11, 2015

New Rules for New Horizons - Reshaping Finance for Sustainability

AXA and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) "Inquiry into the Design of a Sustainable Financial System" have organized on July 3rd a Symposium to build a bridge between financial regulatory challenges and reflections on climate change and sustainable development. The objective is to make progress towards a financial system that is more resilient and placed at the service of sustainable and inclusive growth.
The full-day Symposium has therefore brought together high-level policy-makers, industry experts on the topic as well as leading academics, so as to find concrete policy solutions to improve the outcomes provided by the financial sector, especially in the context of COP 21 in December. Read more.

"Climate change: it's no longer about whether, it's about when"

The Climate Finance Day that took place on May 22nd was designed to bring the financial community together to discuss pioneering climate-related initiatives and build the dynamic within the sector in the run-up to COP21. AXA Group Chairman & CEO Henri de Castries concluded the session by giving a global overview of what insurers can do on global warming, both in terms of insurance solutions and investment commitments. An opportunity for the Group to assert strong commitments: coal divestment, increase of "green" investments, ESG integration and signing of the "Montreal Carbon Pledge", participation in the African Risk Capacity initiative. Read more.

Insurance and big data: innovating in the face of climate change

Traditional insurance can cover damage caused by extreme events, such as earthquakes or storms, but rarely losses due to "atypical weather conditions" such as a too hot winter or a too rainy summer. Weather and climate changes can have serious repercussions on the economy and human life. That's why new forms of insurance are emerging.

Thus, AXA Corporate Solutions signed a new partnership with the IFC - World Bank in order to develop parametric insurance in developing countries, notably in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Read more.

Find out more about parametric insurance.

AXA employees pull together for the environment

From June 8 to 12, AXA was celebrating its fifth annual Corporate Responsibility Week, with a special focus on climate risks. Corporate Responsibility Week gives every Group employee around the world an opportunity to act by organizing or participating in protection and risk education activities. With the 21st international climate change conference, COP 21, looming ahead, this is a critical year for climate issues. CR Week 2015 reflects this: in addition to the initiatives run by local entities, AXA invites employees to join its global "All committed for the environment" challenge.