Catch-up session #2 – A Great Place to Work

AXA’s people are the Group’s lifeblood and the key to its success. That’s why developing a diversified and inclusive work environment that promotes the well-being and skills development of all employees is so important. ALL NEWS  |  Diversity
Aug 17, 2016

“At AXA, I can be me”

AXA is proud to have hosted the 2016 Disability Matters conference, organized by Springboard, at its Paris headquarters. The Group has renewed its commitment to all its employees, in particular by developing outreach programs in partnership with universities and associations, to promote the engagement and retention of employees with disabilities. Click here to learn more.

AXA strives to create an inclusive culture in a diversified work environment where each employee can be proud to say, “At AXA, I can be me.” Last March, the AXA Group was a partner of the global Pride and Prejudice conference, an event organized by The Economist. Held simultaneously on three continents, it addressed the importance of inclusion in the workplace. More details can be found here.

Attracting and retaining our talent

For the second year in a row, AXA held its Great Global Adventure, a competition for students and recent graduates with an exceptional prize: a trip around the world, combined a humanitarian project and two internships in different AXA entities. In 2015, Will Moore, a 23-year-old British graduate, won the opportunity to embark on this great adventure, and in July 2016, AXA announced the name of the new winner: a 21-year-old Australian, Chelsie Kumar. Check out her reaction when she heard the news!

For the past two years, AXA has also participated in the Alliance for YOUth, an initiative launched by Nestlé in November 2013 to harness the power of the private sector in fighting unemployment among young people in Europe. This year, the program celebrated its second anniversary, and it is still going strong!

AXA’s young employees can also take part in the Group’s reverse mentoring program, which aims to help the Group’s top executives brush up on their digital skills. How about you? Would you like to mentor a top executive?

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