Catch-up session #1 – Bringing innovation to our customers

AXA is transforming, and innovation is key to meeting its customers’ needs. Find out what AXA has done, and the commitments it has made, to earn its place as a major innovation player in 2016. ALL NEWS  |  Innovation
Aug 10, 2016

Staying at the forefront of innovation

AXA participates in the world’s most innovative events in order to stay close to major innovations and keep finding more effective ways to satisfy its customers.

From June 30 to July 2, AXA was at the Viva Technology forum in Paris, where it took up a vast space of about 500 sq. meters to present the Group’s best technological innovations, alongside 50 insurance-related startups invited by AXA to share its stand.

AXA was in New York, too, for La French Touch Conference. This not-to-be-missed gathering of the ecosystem of startups, investment funds and innovation, in which AXA is a partner, was held last June. AXA’s involvement is an extension of its long-term role as an innovation accelerator and supports its mission to encourage the development of high-performance technology to better serve its customers.

Partnerships and investments

By building on new uses and redefining the customer experience, startups are transforming the economic landscape. Partnering with and investing in startups is therefore a core part of AXA’s transformation strategy, and AXA must learn from these new models in order to evolve.

AXA has created a complete ecosystem dedicated to innovation: AXA Lab (innovation detector), Kamet (startup studio), AXA Strategic Ventures (investment fund) and AXA Partners (business partnership facilitator) intervene throughout the development process, from the initial idea all the way to product marketing.

In February, AXA in France revealed its partnership with OuiCar to insure and assist the French peer-to-peer car rental website’s customers. AXA was also the first insurer to use Facebook Messenger to fully provide customer care via digital channels, a move that is very much in phase with the habits of today’s young consumers.

Very recently, AXA joined forces with online retail behemoth Alibaba to distribute AXA’s services through Alibaba’s e-commerce platforms, co-innovate and expand into new markets.

AXA Strategic Ventures, the investment fund created by AXA in 2015 to support entrepreneurship and help startups grow, invested in six startup companies this year in a variety of areas: the Internet of Things with Neura and Biobeats, connected health with Wellth and Medlanes, data security with Blockstream and the sharing economy with

For details about all of AXA’s partnerships and investments, see our interactive map:

Made-in-AXA innovation

Investments and partnerships form the core of the Group’s strategic vision, but innovation “made in AXA” is also growing fast.
An internal innovation program begun in 2014 invites AXA employees around the world to invent tomorrow’s products and services. Since the initiative was launched, four ideas have already been launched publicly and six will be rolled out in the coming months. Click here to learn more!

The new AXA Drive app is one example of made-in-AXA innovation. Launched in Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg in May, the application reflects customer feedback from the first version and offers a new product that better satisfies their expectations and needs.

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