A Collective and Unique Editorial Operation

AXA is associating itself with Impact Journalism Day 2014, a project that values positive solutions throughout the world. From September 20 to 22, forty newspapers are participating in the second edition of the Impact Journalism Day, initiated and coordinated by Sparknews. ALL NEWS  |  Commitment
Sep 19, 2014

The associated newspapers will each publish an average of eight pages dedicated to spreading concrete solutions to persistent problems. Among the forty partners figure notably: Le Monde (France), The Sunday Times (United Kingdom), Asahi Shimbu (Japan), China Daily (China), La Nación (Argentina), City Press (South Africa), Al Hayat (Saudi Arabia), La Presse (Canada), and The Straits Times (Singapore). The total readership of the partners is over 100 million.

Christian de Boisredon
Founder of Sparknews

Impact Journalism is the development of journalism to have a double impact. The first impact is when a problem is denounced, alerting us, as readers. There is then potential for a second impact: when a concrete solution that addresses the problem gives us an opportunity to react. And studies on this kind of solutions-based journalism show that readers appreciate being able to act.

The projects fall into many categories: environmental, health, education and energy, to name but a few.

Some projects from the Impact Journalism Day will be posted and shared by the AXA People Protectors Facebook page, a community dedicated to the protection and prevention of risk.

You can obtain further information on the operation by following #ImpactJournalism on Twitter or on the official website.