Data Science Game: it’s the countdown to the finale

Over 24 days, 143 teams matched their wits on the online platform Kaggle. The outcome: 831 algorithms submitted and just 20 teams selected to participate in the grand finale. Discover who the finalists are and see what’s on this weekend’s agenda for the data science contest. ALL NEWS  |  Innovation
Sep 9, 2016

The countdown to the finale has begun! This weekend, the 20 Data Science Game 2016 finalists will engage in a battle of brains to scoop the grand finale and succeed the 2015 winners, the Russian team from Moscow State University.

This year’s finalists come from the world over: Pierre and Marie Curie University in France, National University of Singapore, and Columbia University in the United States, for starters. A total of 20 teams representing 10 countries will be locking horns in the finale.

On Friday, at the opening ceremony of this finale, Philippe Marie-Jeanne, Head of the Data Innovation Lab and Chief Data Officer of the AXA Group, and Eric Lebigot, Chief Data Scientist of the AXA Group, will speak alongside Patrick Ferraris, CEO of Capgemini Consulting France, and Wassim Jouini, Nabil Benabbou and Isaac Haick, engineers at Microsoft. A round table on deep learning will gather a panel of experts, including Marcin Detyniecki, Head of Research at AXA’s Data Innovation Lab.

The finale will begin on Saturday, September 10, at 7 am, kicking off a 30-hour hackathon. During this time, the 20 teams will try to outdo each other by solving a complex data analysis problem posed by AXA’s Data Innovation Lab, using anonymized data. The problem will be kept secret until the start of the contest.

Data scientists from AXA’s Data Innovation Lab and other AXA entities will attend the hackathon to offer advice and share their experience and knowledge with the students.

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