AXA Invests in a Disruptive Real Estate Startup

AXA Strategic Ventures invests in Easyproprietaire, the first community one-stop shop dedicated to simplifying the purchase process of real estate property. ALL NEWS  |  Innovation
Jul 9, 2015
  • By investing in Easyproprietaire, AXA Strategic Ventures makes its second investment since its launch in February 2015. The total amount invested is €600,000.
  • Easyproprietaire is a free and innovative community website and mobile site that allows prospective buyers to acquire property easily and enthusiastically!
  • The service is available for all prospective homeowners, particularly first-time buyers seeking to buy their main home, which account for nearly 500,000 people each year in France.

Since 60% of French people are discouraged by procedures and deadlines induced by a real estate project (Ipsos study, September 2013), Easyproprietaire undertakes to facilitate the steps to access property ownership and has designed its website & mobile app in this spirit: it represents a new generation of tools that support the future owner's access to available properties with confidence and serenity. What's the goal? To offer an A to Z service that simplifies the process of acquiring real estate, by reducing anxiety and fragmentation of the buyer's journey and offering services, advice and tools to carry out investment in the best possible way. It is therefore an innovative website and mobile app. with an easy to learn and user friendly interface that meets the needs for information, support and empowerment of new homebuyers.

Loïc Galvier
CEO and founder of Digitalib, the company which created the Easypropriétaire

We want future owners to be better informed and better advised. They must be able to make informed and appropriate decisions. Access to property should no longer be an obstacle course full of pitfalls and tedious steps but an exciting journey, that the buyer controls. This is a topical subject that concerns many French people. I am pleased to associate myself with AXA Strategic Ventures to develop innovative services and launch by the end of the year an unprecedented offer with very high added value for users.

The service provides a comprehensive support structured around a broad schedule and offers informative simulators, practical articles and tips, practical lists developed to check procedures point by point, tricks to save time, money and serenity, a space to manage real estate advertisements and a digital safe to centralize its administrative documents. Easypropriétaire also has the ambition to create a community composed of both experts and future owners to obtain the right information at the right time. Finally, an "Inspiration" space, which will be regularly updated and enriched, will allow the visitors of the website to plan for their future housing, with interior design and decoration ideas.

Minh Q. Tran
General Partner of AXA Strategic Ventures and Managing Partner of AXA Factory

Buying a property is a key moment in anyone's life with many steps that must be anticipated. We are convinced that this project, that is to say a solution that promotes an objective and comprehensive approach of the real estate acquisition journey, with high added value services, will help restore purchasing power to French people. Easypropriétaire will offer various services and products in banking, insurance, assistance, troubleshooting, legal, property search, interior design, moving, decoration, work, etc. around the theme of the real estate purchase, with a smooth and unified experience. For us, it is a new form of support service on the web.