Ebola: AXA Calls for Donations to Support CARE

For several months, the deadly Ebola virus has spread and killed more than 3000 people in West Africa (6553 cases identified so far). The current Ebola outbreak is, by far, the deadliest-ever outbreak of this rare, severe and usually fatal hemorrhagic fever. ALL NEWS  |  Commitment
Oct 10, 2014

AXA has decided to launch an international call for donation to support CARE in stopping the propagation of the epidemic in Liberia and Sierra Leone*. AXA encourages you to help the most vulnerable communities in these countries.

The group will match all AXA employees' donations. The matching will be on a 1€ donated by an employee = 1€ donated by the group basis with a maximum matching of 1000€ per employee.

CARE has already started and continues organizing health risk education and prevention activities by:

  • Providing materials and equipment that is essential to prevent infection
  • Educating on hygiene risk by procuring and supporting the distribution of hand washing kits to households in high risk communities
  • Creating and sharing Ebola related messages to raise awareness about the virus and to reduce/eliminate stigma

In the meantime, AXA Assistance and AXA Group are closely monitoring the evolution of the epidemic. AXA Assistance has provided detailed information on Ebola disease to its local clients and their families. Its recommendation remains to avoid any travel to the countries of Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia for non-essential travels. No travel advisories apply to Nigeria, Senegal or countries bordering the three most affected countries (Guinea, Sierra Leone or Liberia). However, transportation entities and government authorities are proceeding very cautiously in authorizing evacuation of any ill or injured foreigners from Ebola affected areas, including countries with sporadic cases. It is important that any traveler who may encounter an urgent medical situation in these locations plan for this eventuality.

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* CARE is not implemented in Guinea
** Local tax incentives related to donations to non-profit organizations will apply on a local basis for Luxembourg, Netherlands, the UK, Japan, the United States, Germany and France.
As an example, If you are taxable in France, your donation is deductible from your income tax at 75% up to €521 and 66% beyond the limit of your net taxable income. For example, a donation of €40 will only cost you €10.