A Great Global Thank You to Our Employees

The Great Global Adventure isn’t just a game. It’s also a great way for us to reach and give back to our employees around the world. It’s a chance to let them learn about different parts of our business and test their knowledge, while having a bit of fun. ALL NEWS  |  Life at AXA
Jul 27, 2016

So, on top of our four regional winners, including Chelsie, our 2016 Great Global Adventurer, we also chose four internal winners from among our AXA employees to thank them for taking part.
And in true Great Global Adventure style, we decided to surprise each of the winners with a visit from one of their colleagues to announce the news.
Each team took the initiative to organise a surprise event - here’s what happened:

Gzim Zimberi was presented with a gift certificate by Jochen Schneider, Head of AXA Group Solutions Switzerland:

Gzim Zimberi
CRM Technical Analyst

It is a pleasure to know that AXA takes care for their employees and gives them the chance to challenge themselves on a competition or other events. It’s a lot of fun and opens new topics of conversations with colleagues. This leads to a positive-minded company culture which I personally favour. In consideration that I love to read books I appreciate the Amazon Gift Certificate to the fullest.

Diana Atanasova was given her prize by Sue LaVallee, Managing Director of AXA US:

Diana Atanasova
Director in Operations and Technology

When I first saw the communication on the Great Global Adventure by AXA, I thought ‘this would be fun to share with a student at my alma mater that I mentor throughout the school year’. I never thought, and was so surprised, that playing it would lead to me being chosen as the winner for AXA US! It’s just another reason to love working for this company. Thank you AXA!

Ashley Colyer was congratulated with his gift by Mrs. Doina Palici-Chehab, CEO of AXA Singapore:

Ashley Coyler
Health CX Project Manager

The Great Global Adventure is a really innovative way to emphasise and celebrate the international and diverse nature of our business. It was a great experience taking part and to be representing AXA Singapore on the global stage. I’m very honoured to be selected as the Asia-Pacific regional winner. On to the next adventure!

And finally, Said Semah was surprised by Adelane Mecellem, CEO of AXA Algeria and Guillaume Mirabaud, Deputy CEO:

When asked what they thought of the competition, Guillaume Mirabaud replied:

“Participating to AXA Global Adventure was an exciting experience for many employees across AXA entities and winning the prize is just incredible! It’s a way for AXA Algeria to say: “Hey, we’re here and ready to take the next challenges!”

We’d like to thank each and every one of our employees for taking part in the Great Global Adventure and to say massive congratulations to our four internal winners.

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