AXA, Partner of Tomorrow's Healthcare with the Hello Tomorrow Challenge

For the second year in a row, AXA is partnering with Hello Tomorrow, a community encouraging the exchange of ideas and knowledge about science & disruptive technology. It also helps researchers connect with business people or become entrepreneurs themselves. ALL NEWS  |  Digital
Jun 26, 2015

The Hello Tomorrow Challenge is a global start-up competition in which the most innovative projects can win prize money of up to €100,000.

In 2015 3,600 innovation projects from 90 countries participated in six tech tracks that will shape the future: IT, Materials & Manufacturing, Energy & Environment, Transportation & Mobility, Food & Agriculture, and Healthcare. At the current stage of the competition, thirty semi-finalists are still in the running for a €15,000 prize (one per category) and a chance to be selected for the Grand Prize of €100,000 (only one winner).

Under the terms of its partnership with Hello Tomorrow, AXA is a sponsor and jury member in the Healthcare category. The finalist of this category will be chosen on June 25th and 26th among these five semi-finalist projects:

The first fully-automated glucose control system specifically for the needs of hospital and surgical care (artificial pancreas)

An anti-obesity system based on an antagonist molecule naturally produced in the human body, preventing cells from storing fat

A device that makes it easy to diagnose STDs

Smart connected stents that measure anticoagulation needs in real-time to adapt treatments

A non-invasive system to treat muscle weaknesses and muscle tone disorders (through short twenty-minute sessions, three times a week)

Laurent Bénichou
Director of Innovation & Foresight at AXA and jury member in the Hello Tomorrow Challenge health category

To me, the most striking news is the arrival of the "digital barbarians". They disrupted music, they disrupted retail shopping, they are disrupting hotels and taxis, and their next target is clearly health. Along with traditional science projects led by doctors and scientists, I discovered impressive projects from the non-medical world: a connected toothbrush that alerts you when you're getting a cavity, a small instant STD checker, an ECG analyzer leveraging big data. To me, the future of health clearly points to a mix of core medical practitioners and digital adventurers.

Who will be the Healthcare track winner? Who will get the €100,000 Grand Prize? For the answer, follow the event live on Twitter!