How can you survive a solar meltdown?

Massive power cuts, destruction of our satellites and space stations: this isn't the scenario for a disaster film, but the devastating impact that a solar flare could have. Find out how Miho Janvier, supported by the AXA Research Fund, is working to predict solar flares in order to limit their impact. ALL NEWS  |  Risk & Research
May 3, 2016

The Sun is our life source, but it's also a massive ball of energy that threatens the technologies we use every day. Giant clouds of charged particles are ejected from the sun into the stratosphere every day. When these particles reach the Earth, they can destroy our telecommunications satellites and blow out our entire electrical grid. Even long-haul commercial flights could be hit!

Miho Janvier, a French physicist supported by the AXA Research Fund, is studying the characteristics of solar flares to better predict them, so that we can protect our electrical and telecommunications infrastructure.

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