Impact Hub Fellowship for Longer Lives: Mexico and Spain winners

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Jan 12, 2015

Launched in 2013 in Milano (Italy), London (UK), Oaxaca (Mexico) and Madrid (Spain), this initiative will nominate up to twelve projects and award four of them with a one year fellowship, gaining access to seed funding, focused skill development, valuable networks and a stimulating workspace at Impact Hub. We already presented Milano and London (King's Cross) fellows. Discover Oaxaca and Madrid ones.

Impact Hub - Oaxaca (Mexico)

The winner is Adultos Mayores Anfitriones - AMA (Rigoberto León Monterrubio). Touristic tours given around Oaxaca are always exhausting due to their intensity. AMA Oaxaca proposes to capacitate a group of trained senior hosts that could organise and guide tours appropriate for elder people, making their visits to Oaxaca much more friendly, as well as providing local seniors with an opportunity for training, income, purpose and to reignite their interest in their home city. Find out more.

Impact Hub - Madrid (Spain)

The winner is Construyendo Oasis (Marta Orihuel, Conchi Piñeiro, Javier Fernández Ramos, Raúl Rodríguez Gregorio) seeks to provide elders, following their retirement, with a guide to redirect their lives satisfactorily. In addition, Construyendo Oasis wants to increase awareness of older people as key agents of social and environmental change. As such, the project proposes an immersion in an Oasis: a transformative process with a high impact, both through community involvement and sustainable local development. Find out more.