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Innovating for better lives

Jun 16, 2017

For many months, the AXA Group has been working toward its ambition to shift from being a payer, a role in which the Group has built its strength and reputation, to being a partner for our customers in their daily lives. To achieve this ambition, our mission – shaped by the expectations of our customers – is to empower all people to live better lives.

This change is meaningful. It implies a deep transformation of the way we work and a constant effort to innovate so that our products and services better fit the expectations of our customers, who are looking for efficient solutions to lead better lives.

At the Digital Agency, our aim is therefore to do everything we can to match these expectations: to innovate so that all people can live better lives.

For example, the MyAXA application is constantly being evolved to offer its users the best prevention and assistance solutions. Its teams are working to add novel services such as weblets, which are minisites, that can be personalized based on customers’ local needs. In Germany, in addition to the native experience offered by the application, the PostBox allows users to communicate directly with their AXA services. And customers in Switzerland can now access their smart home devices through MyAXA. MyAXA can therefore be seen as a platform of customer services which can be adapted by entities to fit their local particularities.

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The AXA Sure started as a Start-in idea (AXA's internal innovation program). Its service is currently available in Switzerland and recently won an EFMA award in the Customer Experience & Engagement category. It is an innovation that we believe in strongly, because it delivers exactly what customers want, which is more transparency. With this application, users can register their valuables in a virtual safe, keep track of the coverage for each of these objects, and report a claim easily in a few clicks. Our team developed a chatbot to simplify the claims reporting process and is now working on an image recognition system to enable users to “scan” their possessions and register them more easily in the application. Blending the service into MyAXA is also a priority. The first step is to create deep linking to ensure smooth, seamless navigation between the AXA Sure environment and MyAXA.

The driver assistance app AXA Drive also puts the emphasis on prevention and encouraging safe behavior. The latest developments have made it possible to launch telematics policies: in other words, to make personalized offers to users based on their driving scores, leading to insurance premium reimbursements or discounts.

Innovations are emerging in entities, especially in health care. In January 2015, AXA in Spain launched Health Keeper by AXA, a service offering to keep track of users’ activities, by connecting with their sports or fitness applications. Users can then receive discounts on health care and well-being services as well as access to a free health care hotline. AXA Hong Kong has taken a similar approach, with its fitness coach app. It rewards users with discounts on partners’ health care and well-being products..

It's hard to talk about innovation without mentioning chatbots and artificial intelligence. Although these technologies are part of a longer-term vision, now is the right time to plant the seeds from which tomorrow's services will grow. We are therefore adopting a “learning by doing” strategy and developing our chatbot and artificial intelligence initiatives so we can quickly share our feedback with AXA’s digital community. AXA France’s initiatives with claims processing chatbots on Messenger is an excellent example of learning about the design of an intelligent chatbot that is able to understand what users want and suitably respond to their requests. In Germany, voice assistants are also being explored for responding to requests for travel insurance quotes.

Our obsessive concern throughout each of these initiatives and product developments is to meet new user expectations and to be wherever they are in order to provide them with the best AXA services.

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