Plunge into the world of innovation at VivaTech Paris 2016

Viva Technology – Startup Connect is happening in Paris from June 30 to July 2. AXA is a partner of this major forum gathering the world’s biggest global digital and innovation players. ALL NEWS  |  Innovation
Jun 3, 2016

The ambition of Viva Technology Paris 2016, an event organized by Groupe Publicis and Les Echos, is to bring the most innovative startups and companies together, giving talented people a chance to meet and talk about tomorrow’s technologies.

The world’s biggest collaborative space

Viva Technology offers participants about 15,000 sq. meters of collaborative space to host more than 5,000 startups. Startups will be grouped into some twenty labs focusing on a specific sector or area of expertise. Each lab will strive to design the future of its sector by gathering influential investors, talented students, researchers, and a selection of innovative startups.

As a partner in the event, AXA will be hosting a 450-sq. meter stand and lab to showcase tech innovations by AXA and its partners. About 50 startups will be invited specifically to AXA’s stand to dialogue on mobility, health care and the connected home and to brainstorm about services for the future.

AXA’s culture is one of innovation

Innovation is no buzzword at AXA. It is at the core of our company’s identity and has been since the Group was created in 1985. In the past, innovation has been channeled into developing an ambitious, international Group, and today it can be found in the creation of many partnerships and structures dedicated to innovation.

AXA has signed partnerships with 35 companies since 2014, including BlaBlaCar, LinkedIn, Facebook, Nest and Amazon, with the aim to leverage the best technological innovations and bring our customers the best possible service, using digital and multi-access strategies.

Major structures have been built to strengthen and expand the Group’s innovation ecosystem internationally: AXA Lab (detector), Kamet (incubator), AXA Factory (accelerator), AXA Strategic Ventures (investment fund) and AXA Partners (business partnership facilitator) are all part of the development process, from when the idea first emerges to the marketing of the product.

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