With Kaggle, AXA Challenges More Than 200,000 Data Scientists

AXA's Data Innovation Lab has launched its first challenge on Kaggle. Based in San Francisco, the startup gathers a community of more than 200,000 data scientists, competing with each other to solve complex data science problems. For AXA, partnering with Kaggle is a unique opportunity to attract the best data scientists in the world. ALL NEWS  |  Digital
Dec 17, 2014

An Australian startup based in San Francisco, Kaggle represents the largest community of data scientists coming from over 100 countries and 200 universities. They compete with each other to solve complex data science problems (extraction of knowledge from data; it employs techniques and theories drawn from mathematics, statistics and information technology).

For AXA's Data Innovation Lab, working with Kaggle is a unique opportunity for positioning itself as a big data science player and for raising the interest of the best data scientists in the world. This is the reason why AXA is launching in December 2014, a Kaggle competition on telematics in the automotive industry. It aims at identifying secondary drivers based on their behavior, recorded by telematics sensors. For three months, data scientists will compete to create the most relevant mathematical model answering this issue. The best data scientist will win a $30K prize.

AXA is convinced it is absolutely necessary to recruit and train data scientists internally, and many employees be they from actuary or IT fields, have the ability to answer such a challenge. The competition is therefore open to AXA employees who will benefit from an internal prize.

The competition is open until March 16, 2015. Don't wait! Go to www.kaggle.com and show you're made of the right stuff to become tomorrow's data scientist.