Racing Driver. Mathematician. Data Analyst: Katelyn’s Story

For some people the future is clear. For others, it takes time to figure out what you really want in life. Take Katelyn for example; with a degree in mathematics and a hobby that involves her getting behind the wheel of a racing car every week, what motivated her to become a graduate at AXA? Let’s find out. ALL NEWS  |  Early Careers
Dec 16, 2015

There is no right path. Only what’s right for you

When I went to school, I knew what I wanted to study, but I really didn’t know which career path I would take with a degree in maths. After a few years studying, I found an IT internship at AXA. I talked to the career advisor office, submitted my resume and had an interview, and discovered it was a great fit. Maths is all about problem-solving, number-crunching and analysing. With IT, you’re given half a story here, a third of a story there and you have to pull the reports together and figure out what’s going on. After my degree I joined the Technology Associate Program (1-year), and now I’m a Data Analyst in IT on the Graduate Program.

A good work-life balance makes you stronger

My success at work has really come from the drive to succeed at school, and from my hobby which is very challenging. Being the driver of a racing car, places me in a leadership role. I have a crew that relies on me for direction and delegation. You really have to learn how to manage your time and be organised so that you make sure that your cars are ready and safe to go.

I started racing when I was 16, so I was able to develop these skills at a young age and I’ve been able to take that with me throughout school and into the workforce and learn how to be a natural leader. I think management have seen that I bring what I’ve learnt into the office with me, and so they’ve entrusted me with the jobs they have so far.

Share the experience

I think the next big challenge in my career will be mentoring a new graduate, who joined the program recently. We’ve already worked side-by-side while she was an intern. Now that she’s come back as a full-time graduate at AXA, we are working together and she looks to me for direction and to give her tasks to do. It’s really rewarding, getting to grow our careers side-by-side.