Learn about asset management in four online modules

AXA Investment Managers and HEC Paris business school are partnering to offer asset management education through an online course comprising four separate modules. The training is available to everyone through the Coursera.com website. ALL NEWS  |  Finance & Strategy
Apr 19, 2016

Forget evening classes in an almost empty lecture theater. The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) devised by AXA Investment Managers and HEC Paris lets you to learn about asset management at your own pace, wherever, whenever, through the Coursera.com online platform. It is available to everyone free of charge.

The economic and financial landscape is becoming increasingly complex as technology advances and national and international regulations evolve. The general public often has a very poor grasp of the risks and opportunities inherent in the financial world. The EFAMA Report on Investor Education* highlights the fact that this lack of financial literacy makes it difficult for "small investors" to make sound financial decisions.

Spreading knowledge about asset management

The MOOC aims to make topics related to investment and financial markets easier to understand and more accessible to the wider public through high-quality general education delivered via a digital solution. It illustrates the commitment of AXA Investment Managers, an international asset manager, to improve general knowledge about these complex, technical subjects.

Andrea Rossi
CEO of AXA Investment Managers

At AXA IM we are passionate about financial education and this particular MOOC forms part of a range of financial education initiatives that we are involved with.

The course is divided into four modules, each with a specific objective to gain an understanding of asset management:

  • How to build an investment solution;
  • Exploring specific portfolio management techniques;
  • Defining your investment objectives;
  • Selecting or becoming a fund manager.

HEC Paris is an ideal partner for this project. It has international expertise in economic and financial education and proven ability in devising high value added MOOCs.

Peter Todd
Dean of HEC Paris

Combining the academic skillset of HEC Paris with AXA IM who can help bring asset management to life allows us to offer a comprehensive program on asset management, which has the potential to benefit a broad cross-section of people exposed to financial decision making in their everyday lives.

*Building Blocks for Industry Driven Investor Education Initiatives – EFAMA (European Fund and Asset Management Association) Report on Investor Education, March 2014. The report is available here.

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