Let’s put some color in diversity!

How can you be yourself at work? AXA has brought out the colors to celebrate an inclusive and diverse work environment where each individual is proud to say, “At work, I can be me.” ALL NEWS  |  Diversity
Jul 6, 2016

In May 2016, AXA asked its employees around the world, “What does ‘At AXA, I can be me’ mean to you?’” The answers received were just as diverse as the people who gave them. They ranged from “At AXA, I can wear a tie – or not, if I want” to “I feel valued and respected for who I am.” All of the responses have been incorporated into a video celebrating AXA’s commitment to diversity:

The testimonials have even inspired people outside of AXA. The startup company Happiness Watchers specializes in making dreams come true. What Florent, age 27, dreamed of doing was to paint a work of art with Les Jeanclode. So for two days, Les Jeanclode, Happiness Watchers and Florent worked at the AXA Group’s headquarters in Paris to create two 1.75 x 3.5 meter panels illustrating the employees’ testimonials and to paint the symbol of workplace diversity at AXA.

Watch the video by the Happiness Watchers:

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