"Being able to look forward to our retirement as the start of a new fulfilling life"

Learn more about the real life story of Mary McAveney and David Briggs in the United States and how AXA enables them to replace the loss of income on retirement. ALL NEWS  |  Life insurance
Jun 22, 2015

Mary McAveney and David Briggs are looking forward to their retirement. They are both in their early fifties and are already preparing for a future in which they will be free to enjoy life to the full, travel and do the things they always wanted to do. To make the most of this, they need financial advice and personalized support, so that the future will indeed be bright.

In the United States, AXA provides investment solutions to replace the loss of income on retirement:

Krista Manzoeillo
Customer Relationship Manager

I am in direct contact with customers. I give orders to sell or buy new investments on their behalf, tell them all about the benefits and make sure that each stage of the process runs smoothly. It is a fascinating job, because our customers entrust us with their money to protect their future.

Donna Gallo
Director of Financial Planning

My job is a bit technical. It involves consolidating and verifying investment assumptions and strategies. I prepare long-term plans and work with the various fund managers. I maintain a proactive relationship with all financial operators.

Kathleen Ward
Business Development Manager

I look after new customers. I propose the investment solutions that best suit their needs and I am responsible for drawing up the contracts and explaining all the terms and conditions to them.

Thomas Mingone
Financial professional

I am an asset manager. My job is to plan investment strategies to achieve performance and security. My role is to advise and support our customers as best I can by providing them with solutions for investing a capital sum so that they can look forward to their retirement with peace of mind.

Consumer habits and needs are changing rapidly. Our customers are now used to dealing directly and more or less instantaneously via the Internet, but they also need advice and a personal relationship. AXA has to be able to provide the same standard of interaction across all delivery channels. People must be free to choose how they want to interact with AXA at any time and be guaranteed a smooth, seamless high-quality user experience.

People, businesses and large corporations are all faced with a wealth of new opportunities - and new risks - arising from technological disruption, for example, or climate change; it is up to us to devise effective, innovative solutions to protect them.

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