"Managing my Vehicle Fleet Effectively while Limiting Risks and Moving Towards Clean Energy"

Learn more about the real life story of André Wipf in Zurich and how AXA supports the development of electric vehicles and rolls out its "Driving at work" prevention program. ALL NEWS  |  P&C insurance
Jun 30, 2015

The city of Zurich has a fleet of some 2,500 vehicles including 175 electric vehicles, which are used by the 30,000 employees in the canton's public sector. André Wipf is the general manager of the vehicle fleet. The vehicles and drivers are insured, but André is well aware that in order to minimize the risks, he first needs to identify and analyze them. So since 2013, the fleet insurance has been backed up by services focusing on prevention.

In Switzerland, AXA supports the development of electric vehicles and rolls out its "Driving at work" prevention program:

Christoph Olbrech
Head of Claims team

I head up a team and manage a portfolio of major account clients. Our role is to settle claims and handle complaints. We attempt to find solutions swiftly so that our business customers are inconvenienced for as short a time as possible.

Bettina Zahnd-Sinzig
Head of Road safety and Prevention

As an insurer, we have a key role to play in prevention. My team and I conduct awareness and prevention campaigns throughout Switzerland. We take specific actions for our business customers, including highway code and driving refresher courses.

Lars Hagenbucher
Major Accounts Manager

As manager of a portfolio of corporate customers, I am responsible for the business relationship. I must understand and be aware of their specific needs in order to propose customized solutions and set up the teams that will look after the relationship on a day-to-day basis.

Consumer habits and needs are changing rapidly. Our customers are now used to dealing directly and more or less instantaneously via the Internet, but they also need advice and a personal relationship. AXA has to be able to provide the same standard of interaction across all delivery channels. People must be free to choose how they want to interact with AXA at any time and be guaranteed a smooth, seamless high-quality user experience.

People, businesses and large corporations are all faced with a wealth of new opportunities - and new risks - arising from technological disruption, for example, or climate change; it is up to us to devise effective, innovative solutions to protect them.

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