Meet François, Front-end Prototyper

A year ago, Francois joined AXA as a Front-End Prototyper for AXA’s Digital Agency in Paris. One year later and he’s been lucky enough to attend to Google’s I/O conference. ALL NEWS  |  Life at AXA
Jul 24, 2017

A self-confessed Twitter addict, Francois wanted to join AXA after discovering more about the Group’s digital initiatives online. “It wasn’t just about advertising, there are a lot of stories about how AXA invests in digital as a whole, and I wanted to take part in that digital transformation.”

Today, Francois’ mission is to build digital interfaces between AXA and its customers, be that via the web, voice or bots. If you’ve heard of or use apps like MyAXA, AXA Sure, or AXA Drive, then you’ll have seen first-hand the work of the Digital Agency. “Our goal is to deliver the greatest digital experiences to AXA’s customers and we follow the principles of lean methodology, design sprints and design thinking to do this.”

The offices of the Digital Agency, in the centre of Paris, are highly reminiscent of the open and agile ‘Silicon Valley’ way of working . So it’s apt that in February Francois received the news that he’d been picked through an online lottery, alongside two other colleagues, to head to California for Google’s I/O Conference.

François with his colleague Raphaël Ancellin, at Google’s I/O Conference in Mountain View, California.

The 3-day developer conference held yearly at Mountain View (near Google’s headquarters) gathers 7,000 people, both developers and press, from around the world. “As a geek/tech-enthusiast it’s something I wanted to attend at least once in my life. Google have shaped the digital landscape for decades, and being able to attend their yearly event where they showcase their latest findings is a marvellous experience!”

Google has now put AI (Artificial Intelligence) in more than 700 of their products, making the most of user data to super-charge their digital experience. They focus on trying to solve user pain-points, while the technology is just a tool. This customer-first mentality is completely aligned to how we work at AXA. Events like these are a great opportunity to hear from the best and brightest in the development community and feed that back into AXA.

Returning to Paris after the event Francois and his colleagues share what they’ve learnt with the whole AXA Digital Community and their own team. “The main takeaway for me was that whoever your client is, you should always take into account their context, whether they’re on the move, at home, or with a bad internet connection, you have to deliver the right experience.”

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