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Jürgen Fink, general agent, is co-founder and Director of AXA Fink & Wagner GmbH, in Germany. He is part of that generation of entrepreneurs that is shaking up and accelerating the company’s digital culture. ALL NEWS  |  Life at AXA
Apr 26, 2017

In 2012, Jürgen co-founded AXA Fink & Wagner GmbH, a highly digitalized agency selling only AXA insurance products. He is also the brains behind, an online marketing specialist with more than 2,500 customers in Germany.

AXA Fink & Wagner GmbH now has offices in four large German cities and serves a clientele of companies, public service organizations and individuals. What’s so different about it? A marketing budget 80% devoted to digital channels. “We invest in emailing, search engine optimization techniques, social media campaigns and so on. Often with a very regional slant to reach a local audience.” This strategy generates 300 to 500 new business opportunities every month. “That’s the advantage of digital,” says Jürgen. “We can quickly measure the real success of a campaign and focus on a market that really works.”

But digital doesn’t mean disembodied. Jürgen and his partner have developed a new hybrid agency concept, combining digital with face-to-face contact. “We wanted to give our customers the best of both worlds! The flagship agency we have just opened in Potsdam is nearly 400 m2; it’s fully equipped with digital services so our salesmen can book an office, a meeting room, a technical system or even a car, depending on their needs and their customers’ requirements. We’ve combined a local agency with an online marketing system that targets local customers to double or even triple the efficiency of our sales team. Our appointments and sales quotes per person are up to three times higher than before,” says Jürgen.

Recruitment and knowledge transfer naturally play an important role in bringing this model to life. Jürgen is insistent on this point: all staff must have digital skills or be able to learn them. “We are looking for candidates who are open-minded and proactive, who are always wondering what the next revolution will be, what new services we can offer. Our customers are increasingly well informed, more willing to make their own decisions. So it’s up to us to seek them out on the channels they use every day, give them good advice and steer them towards the best solution for them.”

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