My First Month as the Great Global Adventurer

One week into my first AXA experience in New York City and I already have so much to share about the unique initiatives, exciting workplace environment and charitable causes AXA US is involved in. While I will be sharing several articles over the coming months with regard to specific aspects of my time in NYC, to kick-start my Great Global Adventure blog I have put together a recap of my first month of travels! ALL NEWS  |  Early Careers
Oct 14, 2016

The journey so far…

AXA HQ - Paris, France

Before starting my experience at AXA in NYC I had the pleasure of visiting AXA HQ in Paris. It was so great to finally meet the people I had been liaising with online from Australia during the application process. During my time in Paris I was given the opportunity to meet some of the executive team who were able to share their vision: ‘to empower people to live a better life’ going into the future. This was an invaluable foundation to begin my journey with AXA.

Meeting with Thomas Buberl, AXA Group CEO in Paris

Road trip - British Columbia & Alberta, Canada

Following a brief visit to London I embarked on a two-week road trip around the Canadian Rockies! This was not only the most physically challenging trip I have ever done (hiking over 70km in total!), but as my mid-semester university assessments were also due, my time management and organization skills were put to the test! In a mere three weeks the Great Global Adventure had challenged me to push myself to new limits professionally, physically and academically.

I was very excited to get back behind my camera lens and the alpine wilderness was the perfect place to start capturing images for the AXA @greatglobaladventurer feed.

First AXA experience - New York City

I have always dreamed of living in Manhattan, so arriving in NYC was very surreal. It has barely been a week but the city has lived up to and exceeded all of my expectations. I am very eager to explore some of the local hotspots and look forward to sharing my day-to-day discoveries on the Insta-Story feature of the @greatglobaladventurer account.

As exciting and challenging as the first three weeks of travel were, my first week at AXA US has probably been the most intense learning experience of the journey so far.

3 things I have learnt during my first week at AXA US, NYC.

1) AXA US has extensive Learning and Development opportunities for employees.

As a student in my second last year of university a huge priority for me is finding an employer who will continue to foster my learning development in the workforce to refine my career ambitions and challenge me to reach my full potential. Consequently, hearing about the different learning and development initiatives offered to employees at AXA was one of the really important things I took away from the first week of my New York experience. A common theme expressed by the early career individuals I interviewed was the productive feedback and mentoring provided which helped them develop their short and long term goals.

I have already signed up and registered for the Development Days Program in the Jersey City, NJ office which I will be attending next fortnight. This program is offered to all employees across AXA’s corporate locations and provides interactive courses designed to accelerate professional development, learning agility and flexibility. Everyone I have interviewed so far highly recommended I attend these conferences due to their previous popularity and success. It has been great to discover how the Learning and Development team empowers employees with tools to enhance their engagement and professional expertise.

2) Diversity and Inclusion is a pillar of all facets of AXA

I could (and will!) write an article specifically about the vast array of ways diversity and inclusion are not only integrated but celebrated by AXA’s operations, their philanthropic pursuits and employees. Just to touch on two (of ten!) Employer Resource Groups that I was involved in during my first week - the Hispanic Employee Resource Organisation (‘HERO’) had an educational and fun Multicultural Talent Show that I was grateful to watch. This event not only gave me insight into Hispanic culture but was also a way for employees who identified as Hispanic to share their culture with peers.

Secondly, through Women’s Outreach at Work (‘WOW’) I participated in the Women’s Leadership Teleconference Call and a Bright Pink Seminar. Being a solo female traveler who spent the last year starting up an entrepreneurial venture, the empowerment of women leaders is something that resonates with me both professionally and personally. To expand on this topic over the next two months I will be interviewing female leaders at AXA to further explore how AXA facilitates women’s initiatives in the workplace.

3) People are at the heart of AXA

The most memorable aspect of my first month of the Great Global Adventure would have to be the marvelous people I have met along the way. Whether it be the supportive and encouraging teams at AXA HQ in Paris during my first few days abroad or the unbelievably welcoming individuals at AXA US who have already made NYC feel like home – I am incredibly grateful for everything they have done to facilitate the Great Global Adventure.

It has already become apparent that it is the people who are at the heart of AXA’s success. The life stories, careers paths and future ambitions of the AXA employees I have met to date are not only a testament to the character of the company but have served as an inspiration to me as someone who is yet to begin their career as a graduate.

Stay tuned for more articles…

It is hard to believe how much has happened over the space of a few short weeks. I will be taking every day as an opportunity to network, learn and grow as a professional. I am looking forward to participating and reporting on some of the AXA US events planned over the coming two months and I cannot wait to see how this adventure of a lifetime continues to unfold.
Check out the @greatglobaladventurer Instagram for photos of my travels, photos from the NYC office, excerpts from the interviews I will be completing and make sure to check out the Insta-Story feature which will be documenting insights into the everyday life of the Manhattan AXA office!

Until next time,