Exploring New Avenues to Beat Cancer

On the occasion of the World Cancer Day, AXA supports research on prevention, detection, and treatment of this disease responsible for the death of millions of people each year. ALL NEWS  |  Risk & Research
Feb 4, 2015

Nearly 25 million people worldwide are living with cancer, eight million dying from this disease each year. World Cancer Day is marked on February 4 to raise awareness of cancer and to encourage its prevention, detection, and treatment.

To beat cancer, the AXA Research Fund supports 23 basic researchers working on development mechanisms, diagnostics and innovative treatments for different forms for cancer.

In partnership with numerous institutions, such as the CNIO Madrid, Kyoto University and Institut Curie, AXA supports promising and world-class researchers sharing a common focus on cutting-edge lines of research, basic research and popularizing their work to serve all the stakeholders engaged in this public health issue.

Discover the main cancer research projects supported by the AXA Research Fund:

Professor Barbacid
Tracing the very beginning of cancer

Professor Blasco
Regenerating tissues through nuclear reprogramming

Professor Carmeliet
Fighting cancer by starving blood vessels

Professor De Cola
Focusing on the future role of artificial molecules in traitments

Doctor Cucchetti
Improving the immune system

Professor Fort
Fight long distance battles against cancer

Professor Helleday
Repairing genetic cell defects