Great Global Adventure: bye Will, hello Chelsie!

AXA’s 2016 Great Global Adventure is coming to an end. Time to say goodbye to Will and his everlasting smile, but also to welcome Chelsie, the new winner, to this year’s very Great Global Adventure! ALL NEWS  |  Early Careers
Jul 21, 2016

From the Great Wall of China to the AXA Lab in San Francisco, Will Moore lived a one-of-a-kind experience being AXA’s Great Global Adventurer. His journey has now come to an end, but it is still only the beginning for Will:

Will Moore
Winner of the AXA Great Global Adventure prize

Although this is the end of my AXA Great Global Adventure, I am delighted to report that this is just the beginning of my AXA Adventure! Next month I will be joining AXA Hong Kong’s Digital Team on their Global Graduate Program. I am very excited to be starting my career with AXA, to be back in Hong Kong and to be contributing towards AXA’s growing presence in Asia. I am hoping that I will be able to show the next Great Global Adventurer around Hong Kong soon!

Yes, the Great Global Adventure continues. From 26,907 participants, we got down to 4 students and graduates, and finally had to choose the great winner. And we found her!

Chelsie Kumar is a 21 year-old Australian student from Brisbane, in her penultimate year of a Bachelor of Law (Honours)/Bachelor of Media and Communications degree. She will be our next Great Global Adventurer! Check out her reaction when she heard the news:

If you’re looking to start your own adventure where you’ll join a truly global company, get to meet and work with people all over the world and be encouraged to innovate and share your ideas – check out our Careers Page now!

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