One career, different jobs? at AXA it's possible!

At AXA, it’s possible to evolve throughout one's career, to train, and also to change jobs several times. Thanks to the diversity of our activities and our international presence, we want our employees to take advantage of our internal mobility opportunities. Quentin Gisserot, who had the opportunity to carry out several missions within AXA, shares with us his experience. ALL NEWS  |  Life at AXA
Jan 15, 2018

What are you doing at AXA today and what was your previous mission within the company?

I currently work in the Group’s Emerging Customers team, which helps AXA entities tailor insurance solutions to the un(der)-insured middle class in Asia, Africa and Latin America. It’s a very concrete and field-driven job, focused on business development, customer research and product design for this segment. Within the team, I focus notably on projects in India.

Before that, I started at AXA in the Public Affairs team, interacting with regulators on the financial agenda as well as on data privacy and climate change. Then, I did a stint at the Communications teams around these topics.

Why did you want to change jobs within the same company?

It was a somewhat opportunity-driven change, as my previous jobs gave me the chance to meet many people within the Group and discover what they were striving to achieve. In addition, I liked the aspiration of AXA’s management to position the company on societal topics such as data privacy, climate change and financial inclusion which are dear to my heart, bringing me to seek out opportunities inside AXA rather than outside. Working to give access to insurance to emerging customers who had never had it before brings together innovation and social impact, so it was an easy choice to make.

Was it easy?

No job is easy, but the change felt right because my first roles at Public Affairs and Communications gave me a good bird’s-eye view on insurance in general and the AXA Group in particular. It was then a natural transition to dive into a more business-driven position and strive to set up some actual programs on the ground.

What advice would you give to people who want to do like you?

My advice would be to be always curious, to look into what other teams and entities are doing, and to meet as many people as you can. The conclusion of Woody Allen’s movie Match Point shows how important luck is in one’s life, but expanding your horizons is definitely the way to give yourself the best odds!

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