Our People are the Absolute Key to the Group's Future Success

At AXA, we want to inspire our people to fulfill their aspirations, to innovate and to deliver our customer protection promise. ALL NEWS  |  Diversity
May 13, 2015

We have entered an era of rapid and transformational change that will impact each of us individually as well as our society as a whole. This change provides AXA with tremendous opportunities but also exposes us to serious risks. Ensuring that the AXA Group remains a sustainable success story for generations to come will require each and every one of us to embrace this change, to question the essence of what we do every day, and to innovate continuously.

This 2014 Social Data Report provides us with fact-based insights into our global employee population. It shows the areas where we have made real progress over the past years and the areas where we need to continue to invest over the coming years to build a culture of inclusion, innovation & trust and ensure our continued collective success.

AXA continued to recruit in 2014 and hired more than 17,000 employees on permanent contract. Present in 59 countries, the 161,000 employees and distributors of AXA are committed to serving 103 million clients.

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