AXA Committed to Positive Journalism

For the second year running, AXA will be a partner for Impact Journalism Day on June 20 when, as the result of a unique, collaborative journalism campaign, 49 newspapers around the world will simultaneously publish a special supplement. Why is this media offering different? Because it promotes positive journalism - journalism that offers solutions. ALL NEWS  |  Commitment
Jun 18, 2015

Newspapers around the world will publish an average of eight pages reporting on concrete solutions that are changing the world and having a direct impact on global social issues, such as the environment, health, education, and energy. The participating newspapers, which include Le Figaro (France), The Sunday Times (United Kingdom), Asahi Shimbun (Japan), China Daily (China), Excelsior (Mexico), The Nation (Nigeria), The Straits Times (Singapore), and L'Economiste (Morocco), have a combined reach of 100 million readers.

Anyone can contribute by following the campaign under #ImpactJournalism on Twitter or on the event website. By following, sharing, or participating in a social media selfie contest, you can boost the visibility of these positive solutions. Leading up to the big day, you can also join Thunderclap*.

Also on June 20, Sparknews and Make Sense are organizing participative brainstorming sessions to solve challenges associated with the projects presented on Impact Journalism Day.

The Facebook page for AXA People Protectors, a community dedicated to protection and risk prevention, will share some of the projects revealed on Impact Journalism Day.

*Thunderclap: Thunderclap will store your Facebook posts and/or tweets (prepared in advance by Sparknews) and release them all on the big day, so that everyone can launch Impact Journalism Day at the same time. A minimum of 500 supporters are needed for the message to be shared.
Emmanuel Touzeau and Frédéric Tardy
Head of Group Communication and Chief Marketing & Distribution Officer

Impact Journalism Day is a fresh breath of optimism and emotion and a fantastic opportunity to share good practices by highlighting the people who are taking steps every day to change the world, and by increasing the visibility of these projects, spreading their impact. We are happy and proud to have been a part of Impact Journalism Day, an initiative that fits squarely into the group's mission to protect.

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